Dmitry Dobrovolsky


Artist-painter, born in 1968 in Kiev. Graduated from the Kiev Art-Industry Technical School, National Academy of Illustrative Art and Architecture. Among the teachers artist studied from, many names speak for themselves: V.I. Zabashty, M.A. Storozhenko.

Member of the National Association of Ukranian Artists.

Has created his own inimitable technique and unique style. Works with oil and a palette knife on coloured backgrounds. Develops the contrast colour technique. Artist creates a picturesque mosaic, and this enables to deliver the shining of light in tens, hundreds of different shades – "valours" of colour. Dmitry uses interesting confluences of contrast colours, through which he achieves magnificent colour harmonies. Colour on the level of feelings is the main theme of his paintings! From "colour", Dobrovolsky himself is born, and it is impossible to change him.

"To me, the whole essence of painting is in colour. It is colour that should serve as the motivation to do anything, to reach positive emotions. To raise the spirits and to make people believe that life is wonderful…"

Dmitry has been featured in many Ukranian and international exhibitions. He has been invited on multiple occasions by galleries in London and Edinburgh since 1997, and has successfully held private exhibitions in the United Kingdom ("Leighton House" museum, "Ice House" gallery, "Nexus gallery"). The artist’s works are held in private and museum collections in Ukraine, UK, Germany, USA, Holland, Estonia, Finland, France, Russia.